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Symptoms Of Asthma | Natural Healthcare Providers | Natural MD Search

Symptoms Of Asthma | Natural Healthcare Providers | Natural MD Search

Asthma is an allergic reaction characterized by bronchial, or airway tube spasms, swelling of the mucous lining of the lungs, and excessive thick, viscous mucus. People with asthma suffer from shortness of breath, wheezing, difficulty breathing and coughing. The key concern is the possibility of respiratory failure.

Although asthma can affect people of all ages, the rate of asthma cases among small children is rising and the typical North American diet and levels of environmental toxins play a part. There is some evidence that the fatty acids found in fish can help suppress the inflammatory chemicals that trigger asthma attacks. Studies have shown that children who eat oily fish such as salmon one or more times per week have a decreased risk of getting asthma than children who do not.

Environmental allergens can worsen and trigger asthma attacks. Hence holistic therapies seek to reduce one’s exposure to allergens and items from the diet that can trigger allergic reactions making the situation worse. Contact an alternative healthcare provider in your area through this website for an evaluation. More details about complementary and alternative healthcare approaches to asthma can be found at: Asthma and Complementary Health Practices

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