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Depression is a complicated condition because there can be both emotional, nutritional and physical issues that cause depression. 

Depression is a mood disorder that dominates your outlook on life for a prolonged period of time. There are emotions that are part of everyday life which have a beginning and end, a cycle that makes sense given the circumstances. But depression is a complicated mood disorder and you should seek out a qualified alternative healthcare provider to partner with in order to help you through this period in your life.

A good healthcare provider will also help to determine if there are health issues or nutritional issues that could be contributing to your depressed mood. It is important to rule out organic issues that are known to cause depression such as nutritional deficiencies or excesses, drug side effects, microbial factors, hormonal imbalances etc. Deficiencies in nutrients such as B vitamins and omega-3 oils can alter brain function and lead to depression, anxiety and other mental disorders. Hypoglycemia has been known to cause depression. Depression has also been linked to thyroid disease. Contact an alternative healthcare doctor immediately about your depression. 

Prozac is a popular drug for treating depression because it is a chemical that elevates serotonin levels. However, Prozac has serious side effects such as nausea, insomnia, anorexia, anxiety, decreased sex drive, weight gain, nervousness, asthenia or weakness, and tremor. (see for details) There is even an increased risk of suicide and violence for patients prescribed Prozac as well. In fact an FDA advisory known as the “black-box warning” appears on the packaging. So why would anyone take this medication if they had an alternative?  

Fortunately, there is an alternative as some plants have serotonin too. According to the Journal of Neuropsychiatry & Clinical Neurosciences, serotonin, melatonin, dopamine, and other human neurotransmitters can be found in plants. Many holistic practitioners are treating depression with nutrition using foods with “high-content sources of serotonin” such as plantains, pineapples, bananas, kiwis, plums, and tomatoes; white and black mustard and fenugreek for melatonin; cottage cheese, soy, beans and potatoes for tryptophan. It seems that using such foods in the daily diet of depressed patients not only could treat the disease but may improve the prognosis of dementia and decrease violent suicide attempts.  

Probiotics to the Rescue

 Beneficial bacteria known as probiotics may be what's needed to address the rampant rise of mental health problems such as depression. A recent article in the November 2013 Issue of Popular Science [Forget Prozac- Probiotics Are the Future of Psychiatry] addressed the rise of “psychobiotics” in psychiatric science, stating:

“[P]harmacologic compounds for psychiatric treatment are numerous and up to 20 percent of all Americans are taking some type of psychotropic medication totaling some $34 billion dollars annually.

While there have been calls for a reduction in use of these chemicals, primarily due to the fact that many are ineffective, there is a constant pressure from the public to have all their problems solved by a pill.

There is a different – and less costly – course to deal with stress and other psychological problems although until recently, there has been little to no attention paid to this option. The treatment does not involve an individual chemical but rather a plethora of them which act to reduce inflammation, calm stress and bring about a more pleasant mood... They are called quite simply, Psychobiotics.

... [A] psychobiotic is ‘a live organism that, when ingested in adequate amounts, produces a health benefit in patients suffering from psychiatric illness.’ These live organisms are comprised not only of probiotics but also other bacteria known to produce psychotropic signals such as serotonin and dopamine.”

Probiotics can be ordered via this website at PureFormulas

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