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Eczema or atopic dermatitis is a complicated condition characterized by chronic, inflamed, scaly, itchy skin. Frequent scratching and rubbing of the areas cause them to harden and thicken causing the appearance to be accentuated.

Food Allergies

The condition is often considered to be a form of autoimmune disease brought on by severe food allergies. Many people who suffer from eczema also suffer from food allergies. Often they find avoiding the offending food for long periods of time will eventually lead to improved skin.

Nutritional contributions can be dairy which some doctors feel contribute to clogged pores because they tend to produce more mucus in the body which can impeded circulation and irritate skin. Allergies to eggs, peanuts and dairy figure very prominently in cases of childhood eczema

Stress can worsen eczema so you may notice the condition worsens during times of emotional stress.

If you suffer from eczema work with a qualified Alternative Healthcare doctor to determining and eliminating any and all food allergies which will reduce the taxing of your immune system.There are natural substances that can reduce the histamine production to help alleviate symptoms. Omega-3 oils form fish or flaxseed can provide relief as well.

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