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Fibromyalgia is a relatively recently diagnosed disorder that is regarded as a common cause of chronic musculoskeletal pain. There is overlap between fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome and many patients diagnosed with fibromyalgia are also diagnosed with chronic fatigue.

The difference between the two conditions is the presence of musculoskeletal pain in fibromyalgia. It is theorized that the pain experienced in Fibromyalgia is due to chronically low levels of serotonin which cause the body to be overly sensitive to pain. Hence the main goal in treating Fibromyalgia is to improve sleep quality, especially the amount of REM or rapid eye movement sleep as this will raise serotonin levels. If you are not getting at least five straight hours of uninterrupted sleep each night you can be setting yourself up to compromised health. 

Have your doctor check your thyroid, adrendal gland and kidney function. Compromised adrenal, thyroid and kidney function are often present in people who suffer from Fibromyalgia and problems there could be causing you to not sleep through the night. Sleep is extremely important in healing your adrenal glands so getting to bed by 9:30 PM every night in order to give your body adequate healing sleep time is vital. Avoid drinking cups of coffee to wake up and energize yourself during the day as this will just stress and compromise your adrenal glands even more and possibly help dehydrate you as well.

Chronic, underlying infections can also contribute to Fibromyalgia.Your doctor can order tests to determine if this is an issue.

People who have suffered from long-term sleep disturbances or sleep deprivation can develop Fibromyalgia. People with Fibromyalgia wake up feeling tired and worn out, as if they had not slept. The pain level often correlates with the poor amount of sleep experienced the night before. When patients with fibromyalgia get a good night’s sleep they have less pain the next day. Supplementation using St. John’s Wort, Five – hydroxy tryptophan or 5-HTTP, and magnesium has proven helpful in providing relief in many cases of fibromyalgia. There are also herbs used in Traditional Chinese Medicine that can help.

Avoid synthetic vitamins which are not made from whole foods. Synthetic vitamins made in a lab are nothing but chemicals and could be doing you more harm than good. Carefully read the ingredients of any vitamin before you purchase it. Better yet purchase your supplements from an Alternative Healthcare provider. There are many neutraceuticals and supplements that are only available through qualified healthcare practitioners which are very high quality, whole food derived supplements.

If you have been experiencing sleep deprivation for an extended period of time and you suspect that you may be suffering from Fibromyalgia contact an alternative healthcare doctor immediately. Remember your body has the natural ability to heal itself but it needs the right stimulus .

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