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Heart Disease

Heart  Disease

Heart disease is a term often used to describe atherosclerosis or hardening of the artery walls of the blood vessels that supply the heart - the coronary arteries. This is due to a buildup of plaque, which contains cholesterol, fatty material, and cellular debris. There are a number of factors that are normally cited that put one at a higher risk of heart disease besides high cholesterol such as smoking, diabetes and high blood pressure.

However, ten years ago a study conducted by the Cochrane Heart Group and The Cochrane Collaboration showed that treating risk factors was "ineffective in achieving reductions in total or cardiovascular disease mortality (death)."  It is always best to work on improving your nutrition in addition to any healthcare regimen that your physician or alternative healthcare doctor has prescribed for you to lower your risk of heart disease.

C-Reactive Protein (CRP) is marker to determine the presence of inflamed coronary arteries that lead to blockages and plaque.  Elevated CRP levels in the blood are indicative of inflamed coronary arteries that can lead to coronary artery disease (CAD), plaque built-up, clogged arteries, heart attacks and death. 

A whole-foods diet diet rich in bioflavonoids can help. A supplement made from the buckwheat phytochemical complex by Standard Process® called Cyruta® Plus has been shown to lower inflammation and normalize CRP levels. Standard Process products are available through alternative healthcare practitioners.

Congestive Heart Failure or CHF refers to an inability of the heart to effectively pump enough blood. Chronic CHF is often the result of long-term high blood pressure, a prior heart attack, heart valve or heart muscle defects, as well as chronic lung disease such as emphysema. A CHF heart is chronically congested and since it cannot pump properly it robs the body of blood, nutrition, and oxygen.

There are phytonutrients, food concentrates, and extracts that can help heal ailing hearts. You should not only treat the symptoms but treat the cause and work with your alternative healthcare practitioner and nutritionist in this pursuit.

A lot has been written about the benefits of fish oil supplements in helping us keep our hearts healthy:
Omega-3 Supplements for Heart Disease?

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