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Hypothyroidism refers to low thyroid gland function. A large percentage of the US population has problems with thyroid function. The hormones of the thyroid gland regulate metabolism in every cell in the body thus a deficiency in thyroid hormones can affect virtually all functions of your body resulting in a number of symptoms. Depression, weight gain or inability to lose weight, recurrent infections, weakness and fatigue, sensitivity to cold, are all common symptoms of low thyroid function. If you suspect that you may be suffering from low thyroid function, it is vitally important to eliminate toxins in your environment as much as possible while working out a therapy with your alternative healthcare provider to address your thyroid problem.

A few environmental toxins that have been linked to impaired thyroid function are:

Chlorine and Fluorine: which have a similar molecular structure to iodine are absorbed by your body, but excess amounts have been shown to inhibit thyroid function.

Pesticides and Estrogen: pesticides have been shown to “behave” like estrogen in the human body and inhibit thyroid function. Hence it is important to monitor estrogen levels both those found naturally in herbal supplement such as soy and in drugs such as Premarin.

Radiation and Mercury have both been known to inhibit thyroid hormone production and possibly cause thyroid disease when present in extremely large amounts.

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