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Kidney Stones

Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are small hard crystal masses primarily composed of calcium salts. When a kidney stone breaks loose it travels through your body taking a route from the kidney, to the bladder and then through theureters then the urethra. This leg of the journey can cause sever pain centered in the groin area.

Calcium absorption is related to kidney stones. There are many forms of calcium that are available via supplements and in our foods. There are cheap calcium supplements that supply cheap forms of calcium that are not as bioavailable as others and will this accumulate in areas of the body. You need to avoid these types of calcium. Some forms of calcium that are more compatible with the human body are calcium citrate and calcium lactate. Calcium carbonate can be harvested from oyster shells and be very hard to digest and absorb hence you risk storing it in the body in areas where it can cause problems such as the kidneys and the arteries.

If you have problems with kidney stones the answer is not to stop taking calcium but perhaps to change the calcium supplement. Consult your alternative healthcare provider and nutritionist. One can get calcium form naturally occurring plant sources as well. Adding 500 mg of magnesium and 100 mg of vitamin B-6 to your diet has been shown to help decrease the recurrence of kidney stones. Also red meat consumption has also been linked to kidney stones. Drink plenty of water each day. Most adults need as much as 64 ounces of pure water a day to flush toxins and keep their bodies hydrated down to the cellular level where it counts.

There are urine calcium tests that your Alternative doctor can administer to determine your calcium absorption rate to determine if you absorb more calcium than normal or if your levels are low.

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