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Migraines & Headcahes

Migraines & Headcahes

Headaches are rarely a sign of this serious condition but should not be dismissed especially if they persist. There are two types of headaches: tension headaches or migraines. The two are distinguished by the type of pain and complications they cause. Migraine headaches are vascular headaches and usually are throbbing or pounding and can have waves of sharp pain. Tension headaches usually come with a constant dull pain. They tend to originate in the back of the head and eventually migrate over the entire skull area with a noticeable feeling of pressure as if someone is pressing on your skull.

A tension headache is relatively straightforward and can be handled with alternative therapies and natural supplements. The cause can is generally the result of the tightening of muscles in the neck, face and scalp is brought on by stressful events in daily life. Some can also be caused by periods of poor posture such as being hunched over a computer for hours at a time. Spine misalignment is a common cause of headaches. Headaches that come on after meals can be an indication of food allergies.

Migraine headaches are classified as common, classic or complicated. Migraines are often related to blood vessels but the exact mechanism causing the constriction of blood vessels and subsequent dilation in this area is not fully understood.

Hormonal imbalances have also been known to cause headaches. Many women experience migraine headaches in conjunction with their menstrual cycles due to a drop in certain hormone levels. Histamines have been known to trigger migraine headaches. It is important to limit foods high in histamines if you are prone to migraines. Examples of foods high in histamines are beer and wine, cheese, and chocolate.If you are a woman who experiences migraines in the days leading up to your menstrual cycle you should consider eliminating these items from your diet a few days prior and during your menses.

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