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Sinusitis or nasal infection is a condition where the nasal passages as well as the sinus cavities become infected or inflamed. The condition can persist for long periods of time, subside and reoccur and lead to serious complications if not addressed and cured. If you have a cold that will not go away and it seems to be confined to your sinuses, you may have a sinus infection.Most doctors prescribe antibiotics for this condition and require patients to take them over a two week period. If that does not work, another round of antibiotics is often prescribed. It is important to address your overall immune function if you are prone to recurring sinus infections and not just resort to antibiotics. You alternative healthcare provider can assess your ability to fight infection and can determine if any nutritional deficiencies, such as very low levels of Vitamin D and other health risks that may be contributing to your weakness in fighting infections.

Saline irrigation can relieve symptoms. Many Naturopaths recommend the use of a Neti Pot to irrigate the sinus cavity area with warm saline solution. It is vitally important not to use tap water or any questionable water as you will be introducing anything in that water into your nasal passages. Bottled water is preferable but either way boil the water first, then add salt and let it cool to a tolerable temperature before irrigating your nasal passages.

Elimination of dairy products can also help alleviate the symptoms.

Reflexologists and chiropractors have techniques to alleviate drainage and congestion problems. Naturopaths can prescribe supplements such as Fen-Gre from Standard Process or comparable products and herbal supplements from Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine which target the upper respiratory area can be very therapeutic as well.

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