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Peptic ulcers are an erosion of the tissue which produces a crater–like lesion in the stomach (gastric ulcer) or in the duodenum, the first portion of the small intestine (duodenal ulcer). Symptoms experienced are normally abdominal pain after eating and at night. Ulcers are normally associated with high stomach acid. However, it is actually low stomach acid that can contribute to the condition.

When adequate stomach acid is not present, food cannot be digested properly and it will not leave the stomach. It will rot and ferment causing indigestion, acid reflux, and heartburn. If this situation continues, over time one can develop ulcers. This goes against belief that acids are caused by excess stomach acid and the accepted regimen of prescribing antacids which can actually aggravate the problem.

If you find yourself having chronic belching, bloating, burning after meals, feeling too full, and sensing that you still have food in your stomach hours after eating, this is usuallya sign of low stomach acid not too much stomach acid.

There has also been research pointing to bacteria as a cause of ulcers too. Pylori bacteria present in the stomach have recently been cited as a possible cause. However, pylori bacteria is also present in individuals that do not suffer from ulcers. There are tests for pylori bacteria.

As we age years of abuse catches up to us and weakens our digestive track. We naturally produce less stomach acid and the pancreas produces less digestive enzymes as we age too. As this condition continues year after year the stage is set for poor health and disease. You need to work with an alternative healthcare doctor to address the true cause and heal your stomach.

Supplementation with digestive enzymes and hydrochloric acid (HCL) will help a healthy stomach digest cooked foods. However, once you have reached the stage where ulcers have formed, you need to calm the stomach so it can begin to heal before introducing digestive enzymes and HCL.

There are a number of herbs and supplements designed for this purpose so be sure to consult with an alternative healthcare doctor to determine if in fact you are suffering from ulcers and what regimen will help you. In addition to supplements such as Allergy Research Groups’ Mastica, and Standard Processes’ Gastrex and Okra Pepsin, people have gotten good results by drinking a quart of raw, freshly juiced, cabbage juice daily to calm and heal the ulcer.

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