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Traditional Chinese Medicine Providers | Holistic Practitioner Directory

Traditional Chinese Medicine Providers | Holistic Practitioner Directory

Chinese or Oriental medicine is a broad subject and an in-depth overview of this field is beyond the scope of this website. The basic theory behind Oriental medicine is the belief that health is an expression of balance. Oriental medicine approaches the whole person, it is a holistic science and practices the integration of body, mind and spirit in its healing protocols. The elements of Yin and Yang figure prominently. When Yin and Yang are in balance the body is in balance. When they are imbalanced, there is an opportunity for disease to develop. Many people think acupuncture and Oriental medicine are the same thing. This is not necessarily correct as acupuncture is often a technique utilized by Oriental medicine practitioners to restore balance in the body.

Oriental medicine follows a highly structured hierarchy of categories that represent areas of the body and its functions. The theory is that these categories keep each other in balance. When one element dominates an imbalance will occur and in this imbalanced state disease can develop. The goal of the Dr. of Oriental medicine is to determine through questioning, examination and testing what properties and systems are out of balance in the body and then prescribe herbs and dietary changes to support the weaker ones and strengthen them. Herbal medicine is very much a part of Oriental medicine.

Doctors of Oriental Medicine prescribe herbs which may contain vitamins and nutrients but they largely prescribed them to improve the body's immune system, circulation and metabolism. Health is an expression of balance, Oriental medicine views disease as physical expressions of an imbalance within the body. Oriental Medicine Physicians look at the symptoms, along with other diagnostic methods, to identify patterns of disharmony. Each of the body organ systems must be in balance within itself as well as within its relationship to the other organ systems.

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