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Holistic Practitioner Directory | Holistic & Biological Dentistry

Holistic Practitioner Directory |  Holistic & Biological Dentistry

Biological or Holistic Dentists are fully accredited and trained dentists who incorporate alternative medicine into their practice. They approach patient care with a holistic viewpoint treating the whole individual and do not advocate mercury fillings or the supplementation of fluoride to drinking water. Biological dentists are trained to safely remove mercury amalgams/fillings using methods that minimize or eliminate the risk of mercury exposure and "gasing". Many also incorporate cleansing programs along with the removal to ensure that mercury safely leaves your system.

The condition of the mouth is often a very good indicator of the overall health of the body because what is occurring in the body is often reflected in the mouth. A dentist usually sees a patient more often than other doctors and always examines the mouth. A trained Biological Dentist will often see indications of possible health issues early on as issues with teeth and gums, and the soft tissue of the mouth can be indicators of deeper, more critical health issues when properly understood.

Biological Dentists add different modalities to their practice and examinations to get a picture of the overall health of their patients. The biological dentist will want to get the full picture of your medical history and any symptoms you are experiencing. In addition to the traditional cosmetic and “repair work” dentistry services, Biological Dentists often incorporate Electro-Accupuncture, Homeopathy, Herbal and Vitamin Supplements, Nutrition and Muscle testing which helps determine which organs are functioning well and which have blockages.  Additional services that are common with Biological Dentists are:

  • Reduced radiation digital x-rays
  • Bio-compatible ceramic crowns
  • BPA-free fillings
  • Safe root canal extractions


There are some very good books about holistic dentistry in the resource section of this website. 

Mercury Fillings: many countries have banned mercury fillings and many agencies have come out against them.

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