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Reflexology involves the manual application of pressure to areas or zones of the feet, hands, or ears with specific thumb, finger, and hand techniques. Reflexology is a complementary healthcare modality that is recognized and licensed in more than 33 States. It is often classified under Massage but it is not to be confused with the foot massage one gets at the local nail salon as part of a pedicure.

The practice dates back thousands of years and is still popular today. In general, reflexology is based on the idea that areas on the foot correspond to areas of the body, and that by manipulating these one can effect changes in the body by improving health through one'sáChi or Qi, life energy force. Reflexology improves circulation and has been used to relieve migraine headaches, stress, insomnia, and neck, shoulder, back and jaw pain, and stress.

A Reflexologist applies systematic, manual pressure to the reflex maps located on the feet, hands and outer ears that resemble the shape of a human body. Pressure is applied using thumbs and fingers in small movements to stimulate the nerves and subtle energy systems of the body. The purpose is to improve the function of the entire body system, including organs, glands, and circulation.

A Reflexology session is normally very relaxing, allowing the body to release stresses and tension and help achieve balance and then healing.

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