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Natural MD Search FAQ & Help


What if I cannot find my physician in your directory? Is there a way to add them?

If you are having trouble finding your physician, perform a general search (the search box at the top of every page) with just the physician's first and/or last name.

If for some reason your doctor is not on the list, please contact us. Include the physician's name and practice phone number and a member of the NaturalMDSearch Customer Care Team will follow-up.

How do I find a physician?


A search has two simple steps:

Step 1: Enter by clicking on the condition or the practice you want to search for physician. We recommend that you enter a Zip Code to narrow your search. You can also enter a City and State combination or using the general search feature (at the top menu bar on every page), search for your physician using the first and/or last name, unless you search the whole state (you can enter the state name - do not enter the state abbreviation).

Step 2: In the general search form (at the top menu bar on every page) Enter the physician's Last Name or the kind of Specialist you want. You can enter the whole Last Name or just the first 4 letters of it. If you do not know the name of your physician, choose a Specialist and click the search button.

You will then arrive at the 'Results' page with all the physicians that match your search criteria. If you search by State and City or Zip Code, your results will automatically sort alphabetically by First and Last Name. You can page through the results using the Previous and Next links in the top or bottom pages navigation bar.

To learn more about a physician in the list, click their name to 'View Profile' in their listing. This will open the physician profile which contains a variety of information about the physician including address and phone, education and training, and hospital and insurance affiliation.