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Alternative Medicine Natural Healthcare Provider Sign Up - Step 1 Find information and health conditions & providers

Alternative Medicine Natural Healthcare Provider Sign Up - Step 1

Alternative Medicine Natural Healthcare Provider Sign Up - Step 1

Provider Registration STEP 1 OF 4 is the go-to-site for people seeking more information on alternative medicine options and healthcare providers. Our goal is to raise the awareness of alternative options and help people locate qualified providers in their area that can help them. If you are an alternative healthcare provider or M.D. that offers complimentary alternative medicine disciplines in your practice, you can benefit from a listing on NatualMDSearch. Please complete the following on-line form and hit continue.

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Self-Service Benefits:

  1. Update and change your Healthcare Provider/PRACTICE LISTING information directly on-line
  2. Add additional services under your listing as you expand your practice
  3. Udate your user name, password, email address directly via our self-service page.

1. There is a monthly fee of $12.95 for a listing on this website. Options to pay in advance yearly, for 2 years and for 3 years are also available that reduce the monthly cost substantially. After you have registered you will receive 1 email: the account activation email. This email will include a link to activate your account, and also to ensure that the email you registered with us is valid and working. You must first activate your account. Without activation of your account, access cannot be granted.

2. Pick a user name that you will remember. But create a secure password. DO NOT USE your name or any reference of personal information in your password.

3. Usernames with spaces, are NOT RECOMMENDED. Many people use their email as their user name. Record your user name and password in a safe place.

4. The Password and username fields are case-sensitive. This means our system distinguishes between upper and lower-case letters. For example, a case-sensitive password will not recognize "Password" and "password" as being the same.


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